Friday, June 17, 2011


I haven't been posting for a long time, I know! Unfortunately, I also haven't been learning languages a lot. This doesn't mean I 'quit' or gave up. I simply haven't been able to concentrate on languages, because of certain circumstances and my mental health. I'm not doing a lot better, BUT:

- in 2 weeks summer break finally starts which means I'll have a lot less things to worry about and lots and lots of time
- I'll have an iPod touch so I can watch films and read in foreign languages everywhere I go

So... I really need a break, to do things I like, and learning languages is something I like. I'm going to England in a month, and when I get back, it will be language and art paradise! :D (Before that while I'm in England it will be boyfriend and British paradise! :P). I don't know if anyone is even reading this, but if you are, expect updates. If you aren't... you are reading this, liar.