Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I added a page! :) I love it you can add pages on blogspot now, it was the only thing that was missing really, but now it's better than wordpress I think.

So, what's going on? Since I have summer holidays, I have lots of time for languages. When I started this blog my plan was actually to start learning a new language in January and try to be fluent in a year... but I couldn't resist it and started learning Swedish! Tight schedules are really not for me. Well, to make sure I do actually do something, these are my goals for the end of the year:

1. Become conversational in Spanish. I can already easily have conversations in Spanish, but I keep constantly using google translate, and I cant say what I want to say.. and although I don't need to be fluent yet, I want to be at a level where I can make talking with friends my daily Spanish practice.

2. Learn German grammar and be able to have conversations. When I see German friends chatting on irc, or their facebook, etc, I understand pretty much everything. But when I try to speak some German - nothing! I don't know how to conjugate verbs, I don't know a lot of basic grammar rules, and I don't know a lot of basic words! So, I'm gonna find out what exactly is still keeping me from speaking German and then just speak it.

3. Learn some more Swedish, say... level A2. I'm trying to learn as little grammar as possible and figure things out by myself, and it's really much easier than I thought! When I've learned enough to form my own sentences and when I'm getting really curious, I'll buy a book and see how well I really did.

Oh and also, I'm gonna go to France in september! And although I won't be speaking French a lot there (I'm going with school) I'm definitely gonna take every chance I get! In September, I will have had no French class for 2 months (well, it's not like, I learn a lot in French class :P), so I'll try to learn some French on LingQ.

All of this sounds really fun to me actually! ^^


  1. Hi Lisa :) Wow, you can speak so many languages and you are only 16..thats great, I admire you :)

  2. wow sounds super nice :D have fun in france :) <3